Banksy reveals Dismaland: Life isn’t always a fairytale

Published:  September 2, 2015
Eloise Mahoney

Mysterious British graffiti artist Banksy has just disclosed his latest instalment, a pop-up theme park entitled Dismaland which features satirical art and dark humour from over 50 artists around the world. The construction of the anti-Disney ‘bemusement park’ was very hush hush, true to form from the reclusive Banksy. Yet since the release of the official Dismaland trailer on people are flocking to the Weston-super-Mare resort in Somerset, England to be greeted with unenthusiastic Mickey Mouse staff and exiting feeling nothing short of dismal.

Dismaland, a grim parody of Disneyland is not place where dreams come true, instead it is “a family theme park unsuitable for children, a festival of Arts, amusement and entry-level anarchism.” Banksy’s playful and satirical street art is often a visual form of political and social commentary, with Dismaland executing a sizeable message that life isn’t always a fairytale. The exhibition features exclusive work from Melbourne graffiti artist Lush - the only Australian selected – alongside other non-conceptual artists including Jenny Holzer, Damien Hirst and David Shrigley.

2 banksy

1 banksy

For a small entry fee of £3, those brave enough can venture into the gothic sculpture park, play Mini Gulf on an oil caliphate themed golf course, sail the high seas onboard the Mediterranean boat ride and win big at the shooting gallery. I imagine walking around the dystopian-styled park equal to stepping onto the set of a quirky Tim Burton film, certainly scary, strange and surreal.

The exhibition is open for five weeks and closes on 27 September. Dismaland is truly an experience for patrons to become part of the show as they immerse themselves into the weird and wonderful, with no fairytale ending in sight.


5 bankdy

Dismaland Plan

Dismaland park plan


Tickets can be purchased:
Exhibition is open from 22nd August – 27th September

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