Beautiful stationery from K.W. Doggett

Published:  March 22, 2011
Beautiful stationery from K.W. Doggett

K.W. Doggett Fine Paper’s latest paper promotion harks back to the good old days of hand-written communication and letters.

A stationary set with note paper, envelopes, gift cards and postcards, the promotion is for the independent paper merchant’s Rives stock and was designed by Narelle Brewer and Kat Macleod from Melbourne design studio, Ortolan.

The two designers said they wanted to play further with the idea of tradition for the stationary set and took inspiration from the classic art form of botanical illustration. They didn’t just stick to classic botanic specimens though, adding their own colourful made-up mutant flora to the mix.

The set is encased in a black belly strip bearing quirky etiquette tips that remind us all that an email is not a thank-you note and everything looks better when you handwrite it.

All images copyright K.W. Doggett.

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  1. Jen

    Love this!! Just beautiful. Would be great if you could purchase these aswell, would be great as cards – even though it’s a promo!

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