Bedow poster inspires us to “Save small, live large”

Published:  May 27, 2014

You may have recently come across the work of Swedish-studio Bedow, in their celebrated markup-based logotype identity for Polyester. With barely a break in between, they have released another playful, clever project for the Swedish startup Qapital. The developers behind Qapital are set to release an app that helps you save money, or more specifically — “Save small, live large”.

Bedow illustrated a poster promoting the company ahead of the app’s release, with an approach they used in their Polyster project – making a new form through the deconstruction of another. Pulling apart the Qapital logo, Bedow created a series of simple illustrations depicting all the wonderful things you could do with money you save — putting a price on simple, inventive pleasures, or incredible experiences.

These include “Save $12,100. Get one of the most iconic guitars (Gibson les Paul) signed by its most iconic user, Slash.”, “Save $600. Hire your own personal bodyguard for 24 hours” and “Save $200. Send your baby to DJ school in Brooklyn.”

 You can see more of their Qapital illustrations on the Bedow Pinterest page.

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