Best of 2014: Our most popular designer profiles of the year

Published:  January 5, 2015

We put together a list of the top 5 most popular practitioner profiles and articles desktop published in 2014. This list has turned out to be a healthy cross-section of the global talent in our industry right now, including heavy-hitters like Wade Jeffree, Noemi Le Coz, Jonathon Zawada, Melbourne’s own Jack Mussett and Phillipe Apeloig.



#1: Wade Jeffree: open and exposed in NYC

“If you do not understand people, you do not understand design. I want to pursue design with a personal/human approach. We need to have these said qualities, as they are intrinsic to us getting things done. It makes us close, it makes us blunt, but it also makes people accept that we are being truthful, so it’s coming from the right place…” 

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#2: A month in the life of… Noemie Le Coz of Pentagram  

“This weekend, a big group of friends and I took a bus upstate for a music festival in the Catskills. We stayed in a kid’s summer camp, and it rained most of the time we were there, but it was still really fun. No designing, no photos, no big city. We saw the stars! I barely recognised them…” 

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#3: Jonathan Zawada: I now follow my instinct and trust my thinking

“The transition from design to art was a very slow one for me that really took the better part of a decade to happen. I have always drawn, painted and made things but for a long time I saw this activity as a hobby, something separate from – and something to be consciously kept separate from – my design work. No matter how hard I tried to keep the two things walled apart though, cracks kept appearing in the way I defined the barrier and the bled into one another…”

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#4: A month in the life of… Jack Mussett of Motherbird

“I love working in the city and being able to go for a walk and stumble across all sorts of interesting art installations, street art, pop up stores and eclectic buskers…” 

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#5: Philippe Apeloig: I feel closer to the invisible than to the visible

“I am inspired by painting and contemporary dance and music. The other artistic discipline close to graphic design is sculpture: I think about the modelling and the assembling. I see many connections between typography, graphic design and the other forms of artistic expression. I spend time in museums, exhibitions and theatres to constantly refresh my eyes. Looking at visual and performing artforms fuels my creativity. I believe that it brings the whole design alive and inspires innovation…”

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