Best of 2014: the most read tips, tricks and advice articles

Published:  January 5, 2015

We put together a top 5 of the most popular advice articles with handy tips, tricks and guidance from the experts, published in 2014 by desktop. We have a handy list of unbreakable rules when it comes to designing a logo, steps to creating the perfect cover, wise words for graduates, and how to ‘design your opportunities’ in an industry where you need to adapt or die.


Optus identity by Re

#1: 10 logo commandments from Australian designers

“A logo cannot simply exist in a vacuum, it needs to exist in many iterations and contexts and has the onerous task of encapsulating a brand message. From signage and wayfinding right down to a business card. Where will the logo be seen? What design elements will we use with the logo to help express that brand message? It’s integral to ask these questions and consider the broader picture a logo will live in…”

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Code by Toko Design

#2: The 5 golden design rules to designing an outstanding cover

“Your cover must work on an emotional level that leads me to feel desperate compulsion to discover more (and pick up and open the book). Being blatant and spelling out what the book is about is boring and not so clever. Subtle suggestion to what lies within is powerful, and works volumes. Metaphor, pun and wit are your friends, and well-chosen words always deserve well-dressed letters to enhance their meaning…”

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The Graduate by desktop

#3: Back to the drawing board: 5 tips for the graduate designer

“A great portfolio will always get you through the door, but it’s the spark that accompanies the work that takes things forward. I’m always on the lookout for curious minds – the ones who never stop searching, have a thirst for knowledge, an ability to express opinions and an appetite for more. A good personal attitude will also help tip the scales…”

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illustration by Max Dalton

#4: OPINION: Design your opportunities

“When you have a creative career, your unique character is an advantage. It means you will develop ideas that others won’t. So it’s not just your skills that bring value to a workplace, but your unique perspective as well…”

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Adapt or Die still by AGDA

#5: The future of design: Adapt or die

“I can see a future where competitiveness is being nudged over for collaboration, co-operativeness and collective curation. You can see it already with brands working with other brands in an effort to realise something big and potent – only made possible by working together. I love the idea of creative folk truly mixing it up for the greater good of an idea or to create true meaning, or even better – creatives mixing it up with the likes of technologists, lawyers, scientists, educators, financier to make greatness happen. This could really be a frontier we embrace…”

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