Mismatched & modular: shoebox from London studio

Published:  June 22, 2014

As with many sporting events that captivate a global audience, this years World Cup has seen an abundance of inventive identities and packaging from major commercial brands. London-based studio, Everyone Associates, worked with Puma to create an electrifying package for their unique multicoloured shoes.

The studio were asked to launch the Puma World Cup 2014 Tricks Collection, which would include limited edition presentation cases for each of their star players. To be worn by Mario Balotelli, Cesc Fàbregas, Sergio Agüero, Marco Reus and Yaya Touré, the boots (and by extension, their package) needed to blare distinct individuality. The studio explains that, “The battle to stand out on the World Cup pitch this summer is fierce. Puma set out to make a statement on pitch by being the first brand to have their players wearing mismatched boots.”

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Translucent and almost luminescent, the distinct package mimics the glow of neon tube lights. A jarring contrast of electric cyan and magenta is amplified by converging diagonal lines that appear in varying opacities upon perspex. “Using a combination of contrasting matt and gloss print finishes, the personalised outer sleeve slides off to reveal the boots, jewel-like against a graphic background featuring the names and coordinates of the 12 World Cup Stadiums.”

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The studio says, “To reflect the unique appearance of the boots and the energy of Brazil, we created a vibrant hinged box that splits open vertically to present the Pink and Blue boots.” An act that feels like an unveiling rather than an unboxing, the shoes take on a prized quality that emanates careful construction and pride in precision.

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