Branding and books from New Zealand’s In House

Published:  June 16, 2014

From the land of Hobbits and wool comes Auckland-based studio, In House, with a soft spot for food, wine and architecture — not so much middle-earth. Having recently updated their website and portfolio, the studio showcase a curated collection of identity projects for local clients. We take a look at some of their latest work, from restaurants to biennales.



Seafarers / Ostro

Industrial and robust yet brimming with seaside nostalgia, this identity juxtaposes rustic elements with clean composition and clusters of geometric vectors. “The building’s rich history as Auckland’s Sailors Home provided the basis of the nautical themed branding which is applied through pattern and a limited colour palette to many of the touch-points throughout the building — everything from elevator doors to House Rum.” The raw textures of skeletal wood, copper and fresh fish, are intersected by angular blocks of colour that echo a modern touch on historic charm.

INH_SeaOstro02_exterior-1400x934 INH_SeaOstro05_News_0744-1400x934 INH_SeaOstro06_postcards-1400x930 INH_SeaOstro08_Rum_8976-1400x934

Venice Architecture Biennale

With Last, Loneliest, Loveliest, being New Zealand’s debut exhibition at this years biennale, the identity was “designed to evoke the pitched roofs and repetitive patterns of the Pacific, [as] the campaign needed a strong visual presence to attract visitors to the Pavilion. A small yet generous handbook chronicles the progression of Pacific ideas in New Zealand architecture from colonial times through to mid-century modernism and contemporary practice.”

INH_L-L-L-01_3968_brighter-1400x934 INH_L-L-L-10_4050-1400x934 INH_L-L-L-12_39871-1400x934 INH_L-L-L-11_42081-1400x934


In an elegant ode to midcentury modernist interiors and architecture in New Zealand, HOME magazine and Random House compiled a collection of 24 homes with inspiring construction and loving detail — “Together, they show how the optimistic visions of the mid-century pioneers who created them are as relevant now as when these bold, inspiring homes were created.” With a linen hardcover the colour of speckled parchment and electric orange interior, the finished book immediately evokes a midcentury aesthetic that plays on the combination of earthy hues and oversaturation.

Untitled-Session0794-1400x934 Untitled-Session0802-2-1400x934 Untitled-Session0797-2-1400x934 Untitled-Session0830-2-1400x934

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