Built on modernity, a folio update from London studio Build

Published:  June 11, 2014

Raised and reared in old London town, Build have been busy art directing, devising brand identities and commissioning graphics to add to their already extensive portfolio. Recent projects show the studio are combating briefs with an intimate understanding of modern aesthetic, with engaging and attractive work surfaced from tried-and-tested design principles and conscious innovation.


Will Saul DJ-Kicks – !K7 Records

This LP and CD sleeve captures a dizzying flurry of speckled light and fluorescent vector strips that give the appearance of a reimagined demo-disc perhaps covered in tape and heralded by a Myspace band photo. With typography that echoes computer code or a selection of mp3 files, the musicians wordmark features two strikethroughs that inspire associations with contemporary Nordic design.


Coast Modern – Print

A limited run of 100 screen printed posters were released for the UK launch at Mead Carney, featuring a two colour print job by K2. Understated but glaring with Pantone’s PMS 806, the block type and a finely weighted arrow fall into gridlock with clever use of a lone dynamic hue and plenty of negative space.


Bureau347 – Brand refresh

Renewed and reimagined for Brussels-based creators, a responsive logo and fluid identity were created so as to allow the user experience to be shaped by specific viewing platforms. The logo, print collateral, holding page and a small suite of stationery, were produced in a clean monochromatic palette with a jolt of blood-orange. A logo that can seamlessly expand and collapse echoes an excitement for all things modular.

IMG_3910 BLD-B347-ID-3

Build – Animal A-Z

An entire set of animal themed A-Z prints are the outcome of a passion project available for purchase from Build. Featuring mammals, birds, reptiles and a crustacean, these posters are able to entertain children and bring joy to adults with playful pastel hues and wildlife built from vectors. Shape and typography are carefully rounded but feature the occasional geometric corner or acute edge, mirroring the cleanly refined aesthetic that the studio are known for.

BLD_A-Z_04-1600x1066 BLD_A-Z_01

Halocyan – Universal Quantifier

The sleeve designed for a double CD pack from US based record label, glimmers with a personality that should come free with a hover-board and self-lacing shoes. Holographic foil typography and a mirri-board slipcase disperse a rainbow of refracted light and plush metallic texture. With stencil cut typography and an entirely monochromatic scheme, an engaging and covetable final product comes from a purely tactile finish.


 A diverse yet cohesive body of work, Build tackle projects with modern force spurred by the principle that less is more. 



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