Call for entries 2011 Kodak Salon

Published:  March 8, 2011
Call for entries 2011 Kodak Salon

It’s that time of year again when anyone with access to an image-making device can have their work adorn the walls of the Centre for Contemporary Photography in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Those of us gifted with a photographer’s eye can rejoice at the opportunity to have our artwork seen in one of Melbourne’s best photographic galleries. Those without a photographer’s eye surely still have access to a camera. Everyone has a camera, a phone with a camera, a laptop with a camera, or a cardboard box with a hole cut in it. Likewise, everyone has exhibited their own work at some point – be it on the walls of an art gallery, on a projection screen at work, or on the fridge at home after a vigorous finger-painting session. Here’s your chance to relive the glory.

The Kodak Salon is open to everyone. It has a wonderful democratic feel about it and every year there is an extraordinary range of styles, formats and yes, talent. There are always a number of diamonds in the rough well worth your attention, and many other pieces worthy of praise for effort. The walls are literally covered with photographs, every year seems to be more cramped than the last and that is a good thing. It’s a unique experience to be overwhelmed by busy walls in a gallery as we have grown so used to minimalist and sparse white interiors. Such pomp and elegance is thrown away here. It’s fun. It’s colourful. And it’s worth popping down for a look-see, especially if you have an abstract, over-saturated, out-of-focus masterpiece just begging for some attention in the lower right-hand corner at the back of gallery 2.

Did I mention there’s $16,000 worth of prizes? Entries close Friday 18 March 2011. Exhibition dates Friday 15 April – Saturday 4 June 2011.

For details click here.

Thumbnail image available here.

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