Call for entries: first annual brain art and writing competition

Published:  December 10, 2010
Call for entries: first annual brain art and writing competition

Our brain controls how we relate to our co-workers, why things annoy us, how we learn something new and how we choose a partner. Despite the gross power of the most powerful computer on the planet there is still much to learn about its workings. As it stands 30,000 neuro specialists are working globally to further understand the way we tick.

Founded by Silvia Damiano, It’s all about my Brain, will be held in March 2011 at Sydney’s Global Gallery in Paddington. Australia’s first ‘unconference’ will contain a series of talks, group discussions involving world leaders in neuro science and workshops focusing on the following topics: The Creative Brain, The Emotional Brain, The Working Brain and the Brain in Relationships. A highlight of the unconference will include a live painting event by artist Julie Doyle on a four metre canvas.

Damiano is also inviting artists, animators, photographers, film makers, designers and creative writers to submit ‘brain inspired art’ for the First Annual Brain Art and Writing Competition. All entries will go in the running to share $10,000 in prizes with the young adult category winner scoring a huge $2,500. Winners will also have their work exhibited at the above-mentioned event. Entries close 22 January 2011.

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