Capturing Gold – call for entries

Published:  June 8, 2012
Ayesha Khara
Capturing Gold – call for entries

The Rio 2012 Earth Summit has organised an exciting new side-event to the United Nations Rio +20 conference this year. Plasticity is a unique one-day forum focused on finding innovative solutions to ensure plastic is being used as a sustainable resource in the future, minimising its impact on the global ecosystem.

As part of Plasticity, a design competition ‘Capturing Gold’ has been launched around the world. The purpose of this competition is to generate and collate inventive uses for PET plastic bottles, taking into consideration the context and culture of the region it’s being designed for. The competition aims to harness ‘global insights, creativity and energy to map out a path towards progress in plastic waste.’

Basically, the ‘Capturing Gold’ competition is looking for any innovative ideas that allow PET to be re-used and put to good use. It is vital that these ideas can be practically and sustainably implemented into the real world.

The challenges to overcome in your design are:
Challenge 1: Develop a mechanism for collecting this valuable material and getting it back to manufacturers to be reused for new products.
Challenge 2: Design a product that leverages PET as a secondary raw material in a useful and desirable way.

The winning ideas will be presented at Plasticity, on Thursday 21 June 2012, where they will be reviewed and discussed by leading international plastic experts at a special one-day workshop in Brazil.

Entries close on the 15 June, so get thinking and start designing. More submission details here.

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