Caravan of Comics tour

Published:  March 7, 2012
Caravan of Comics tour

In a bid to promote Australian cartoon art, eleven of Australia’s independent comic artists/cartoonists are hitting the road on a giant road trip, to North-Eastern United States and Toronto, during April and May.

Known as Caravan of Comics (but actually using three small cars), the group has a collection of events to attend and lectures to give. Places on their itinerary include:

- Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art’s annual independent comics festival (MoCCA Festival) in New York, as featured artists, delivering panels and workshops,
- Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) as featured artists, delivering panels and workshops,
- The Centre for Cartoon Studies in Vermont (the only cartooning-focused university in the world), where a subset of the Caravan has been invited to deliver a visiting artist lecture,
- Comic jams, appearances and signings in stores including: drawing with the artists behind the Kids Read Comics Festival in Ann Arbor; Quimby’s Bookstore in Chicago; Little Island Comics in Toronto; Comic Book Jones in New York City and more.

    The eleven cartoonists are: Matt Taylor, Pat Grant, Ben Hutchings, Andrew Fulton, Mandy Ord, Douglas Holgate, Sarah Howell, David Blumenstein, Gregory Mackay, Michael Hawkins and Jen Breach.

    For more information about the tour, head to

    Work by Douglas Holgate

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