Chefs + Designers = The Micro Kitchen

Published:  July 14, 2011
Chefs + Designers = The Micro Kitchen

This may not sound plausible, but here’s your chance to buy some soup, ‘designed’ by one of Melbourne’s top designers.

The pop-up ‘Micro Kitchen’ forms part of Melbourne’s State of Design festival, is collaboration between A Friend of Mine and Broadsheet Media and provides a key way to witness the interplay between design and food.

Five different designers, will each have a day to brief a chef to ‘design’ a soup for the day’s lunch and dinner. The designers will work closely with the chef to create a soup which reflects their unique design practice. The participants are spread across varying spheres of design such as graphic design, architecture, fashion and product design and jewellery design.

The kitchen (designed by A Friend of Mine) will be set up at SoD’s Do Design Space (part installation, part classroom, part studio, part laboratory) on the top floor of the GPO from July 25-29, 12pm –3pm and 5.30pm – 8pm.

Check out the schedule below for participating chefs and designers:

Monday 25 July: Trent Jansen (industrial design) & Matt Wilkinson (Pope Joan)
Tuesday 26 July: PAM (fashion and product design) & Andrew McConnell (Cumulus)
Wednesday 27 July
: Edwards Moore (architecture) & Kate Holloway (The Premises)
Thursday 28 July
: Susan Cohn (jewellery) & Maurice Esposito (St Peters)
Friday 29 July:
A Friend of Mine (graphic design) & Joseph Abboud (Rumi)

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  1. Xandro

    Don’t stop at a few chefs for this one time article. Follow this up through to spring salads and summer ice creams. Have a complete season of foods – this is a brilliant idea IF you continue the story until same time next year.
    Could become a really good long term thing.

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