Chit Chat Roulette and its oddly lovable freaks

Published:  October 17, 2014

With a style grown from skateboard culture and his later pursuit of graffiti, David Leupschen has composed a short film that takes a humorous stab at ‘meeting’ strangers online. Chit Chat Roulette takes its cues from Chat Roulette, a random chat site that was an internet phenomenon a few years ago. Each ‘stranger’ is a character lovingly hand-crafted with a distinct voice and mannerisms, echoing the intricacies of their physique, like a hybrid between Leta Sobriesjki and Wallace & Gromit.

There’s a lineup of all the regulars, from the fast-talking ‘Essex girl’ to the sun-tan-obsessed narcissist. realised in a mix of claymation, stop-motion and live action. As the behind the scenes shots depict, there is also a startling mix of scale, with the snail approximately palm-sized, while another Piñata-inspired creature stands at almost six foot.

01-INTRO-800px-60q_905 02-POMPOM-2-800px-70q_905 02-POMPOM-3-800px-70q_905 02-POMPOM-5-800px-70q_905 02-POMPOM-800px-70q_905 03-LADY-gorpo-800px-70q_905 04-BlazeOfGlory-02-800px-70q_905 04-BlazeOfGlory-03-800px-70q_905 05-GeoffreyAdams-01-800-70q_905 05-GeoffreyAdams-03-800px-70q_905 06-DEAN123-2-800px-70q_905 06-DEAN123-800px-70q_905 07-8pack-3-800px-70q_905 07-8pack-5-800px-70q_905 07-8pack-800px-70q_905 08-ballons-3-800px-70q_905

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