CoLab: revolutionising the way creatives work

Published:  July 18, 2016

Mobility and social media has certainly made it easier for photographers to scout talent, for models to self promote, and for stylists to find projects. CoLab, however, brings these fragmented services, tools and communities together into one attractive mobile platform for the first time.

This mobile application, CoLab, launched three weeks ago, is the world’s first mobile application that allows photographers, models and stylists to connect and transact directly, without the middleman.

www.renpidgeon.comPowered through Instagram, CoLab is not only free to join, but also easy to set up. Users simply download the app, create an account, search and connect. Photographers can call castings (without agents), set and manage projects, and find suppliers locally and globally through an in-built GPS locator.

CoLab arrives in a period of growth for the global fashion industry, with an estimated 4.5 million people working in photography alone; and more models and stylists than ever before.

Aaron Tobin, CoLab co-founder says, “This application is the only end-to-end solution on the market. It has been user interface (UI) designed to incorporate familiar swipe gestures and messaging functions whilst allowing users to manage their own profile and projects. CoLab is much more than a matchmaker, it’s a producer in your pocket.”

Made by creatives for creatives, CoLab not only empowers seasoned professionals, but also those looking to make their mark on the fashion industry; ultimately activating a new generation of talent from both sides of the lens.

www.renpidgeon.comRen Pidgeon, CoLab co-founder and creative director says, “The aim of CoLab is to help people in our industry connect, create and take control of their work and their careers, without the middleman. CoLab will revolutionise the way photographers and talent do business together – it’s what the industry has been waiting for.”

Nick Dale, fashion photographer and user of CoLab says “CoLab allows me to access everything I need for a shoot in the one place. As a freelance photographer, it’s me that’s responsible for generating a steady stream of work. And now there’s an app to help with this. CoLab saves me time and increases my productivity by easily connecting me with models and stylists.”

CoLab is now available on iTunes and Google Play – download free.

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