Coming Soon: QuarkXPress 10

Published:  June 6, 2013
Coming Soon: QuarkXPress 10

Quark is offering two sweeteners to customers ahead of the launch of version 10 of its layout and publishing software – if you buy version 9, or update from any other version for US$349 by June 30, you get 10 free.

There are no details on what exactly QuarkXPress 10 will offer, or when it will be launched, but Quark marketing VP Gavin Drake said, “For Mac OS X users in particular, it’s going to be a monumental release incorporating the very latest technology inside and out to deliver a transformed user experience.” Speaking to our sister publication Macworld, Drake said the company would be  disclosing more in the coming weeks, and added: “As someone who’s used QuarkXPress since version 3, I have to say I’m really excited about version 10.”

QuarkXPress owned the desktop publishing space from 1987 until about 2002, when Adobe released InDesign 2.0 – a game-changing update to ID1. Adobe’s offering supported Mac OS X while QuarkXPress 5 did not, and Quark could not, or would not, match Adobe’s aggressive pricing.

However, Quark kept innovating and changing while reviewing its pricing structure, and started making itself noticed again with version 9 in April 2011.

That version focussed on digital publishing, including functionality for publishing to the iPad and ePUB, and included a number of new features that helped designers add more automation to their design process.

The advent of QuarkXPress 10 comes at a time when Adobe is weathering a storm of controversy over its latest subscription-only Creative Cloud software releases.

“By the way, as this appears to be a hot topic right now, I guess I should mention that customers don’t need to worry about software subscriptions and rentals,” Drake told Macworld. “They’ll be able to purchase it [XPress] as a standard perpetual software licence direct from Quark and through authorised resellers worldwide.”

For more news and information, visit the Quark website.

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