Contemporary Australian Posters in Tokyo

Published:  April 11, 2013
Heath Killen
Contemporary Australian Posters in Tokyo

As part of the UTS Visual Communication Design Japan travel elective, an exhibition titled Contemporary Australian Posters (curated by design academics Aaron Seymour and Kate Sweetapple) will be going on display at Design Festa Gallery in Tokyo this month.

The exhibition showcases work by some of Australia’s most awarded studios, including COÖP, Naughtyfish, WORK ART LIFE by Studio Pip and Co, and TOKO, providing a rare glimpse into the culture of Australian graphic design for Japanese audiences. Also on display will be Mark Gowing’s posters for the UTS Design Talks series, in addition to some of his personal and studio work.

It’s wonderful to see these types of connections being made, and cultural exchanges happening between communities in the Asia-Pacific design region. Seymour and Sweetapple have done a great job of collecting some of the best local designs from the past few years too.

The show runs from April 18–20 in Gallery 102 at Design Festa Gallery, Harajuku, Tokyo.

As a side note, anyone with an interest in Australia’s place in the Asia-Pacific design region should keep an eye out for Desktop’s upcoming June issue!

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