An elastic identity for Copenhagen’s Alternative Art Fair

Published:  July 1, 2014

Celebrating the unexpected, Alt_Cph is Copenhagen’s Alternative Art Fair – a meeting place for artist-run spaces and initiatives to coincide with Copenhagen Art Week. The Factory of Art & Design approached Denmark-based studio, Your Local Studio, to develop and commission the brand and overall identity, web interface and print collateral.

With an elastic starting point, the studio “used an industrial rubber band as one of the main design elements” so as to provide a “functional and easy way for visitors to keep their collected artist material in order.” This element was also repurposed throughout the identity, becoming a strap feature on the information kiosk. An analogous colour palette of teal, navy and sand is set against a sparse monochromatic canvas across each identity platform – alongside quirky images and linear segments of sans-serif type.

01_4x4_1536x960 06_3x9_1152x2160 05_2x2_768x480 04_1x1_384x240 03_1x2_384x480 02_2x2_768x480

Described as a fair that “focuses on Danish and international hacker spaces, bioart labs and new media labs, whose art is a combination of art-based research and research-based art”, the identity needed to emanate the eclectic while remaining professional as a creative authority. With “small and large non-profit initiatives” on the guestlist, Alt_Cph aspires to host an event in which “artists create opportunities for each other, and where there is room for experimentation on all levels.”

07_1x1_384x240 13_2x4_768x960 12_3x3_1152x720 11_1x1_384x240 10_4x4_1536x960 09_2x2_768x480 08_3x3_1152x720


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