Create Awards 2014: Emerging Talent shortlist has been announced!

Published:  August 4, 2014

Now in its 10th year, the 2014 Create Design Awards is celebrating the thin line between what makes design and what design makes. And twice a week, we will be announcing the shortlisted entries for each category. Today, it’s Emerging Talent.

Sponsored by Shillington College, this year’s shortlisted entrants for the Emerging Talent category include James Silvestro, Dylan McDonough, Jasmin Simmons, Mario Quintana, Vanessa Stapleton, Sinead Murphy, Stephanie Bhim, Calvin Hui, Amy Kemp, Christina Carey and Andrew Ireland.

The judges were looking for originality, ingenuity and excellence in delivery of the brief or project. Shortlisted entrants are seen to be industry-relevant students (currently studying) or a creative professional that has been in the workforce for under 12 months, who above all others demonstrates substantial creative force and promise.

The shortlisted entries are listed below. Head over to to see the images and rationales for each entry in full.


Designer: James Silvestro

“As a designer I am deeply invested in typography, branding and identity, interaction design and art direction. My process and aesthetic is characterized by research, strategy and mixed media experimentation…”


Designer: Dylan McDonough

“Graduated Monash University 2013 with the MADA Most Outstanding Folio Award. I strive to push the brief further, to do more, and most importantly – to be relevant…”


Designer: Jasmin Simmons

“Actress-turned-designer, Jasmin, had a fearless approach to solving briefs, and pushing ideas was something she naturally strived for. For Jasmin, design is a space where people can take risks, challenge a brief and get audiences to react…”


Designer: Mario Quintana

“As a problem solver, I enjoy researching and looking for effective solutions to connect the brand with its audience: story telling and interaction are great tools to achieve this. I have focused on print design since my college graduation last summer, and if relevant, to add value to a project I employ augmented reality…”


Designer: Vanessa Stapleton

“Before studying design, Vanessa was an interior designer. She studied graphic design at Shillington College to further her design career. Possessing a keen eye for aesthetic and appreciation for good design, her passion to learn saw her strive to create designs that worked successfully in both, form and function…”


Designer: Sinead Murphy

“Working in the fashion industry, Sinead discovered a passion for ideas and experimentation. She brought this love to Shillington College, where her project responses were often unexpected and unique, pushing the boundaries of the client’s expectations and engaging her audience in exciting and playful ways….”


Designer: Stephanie Bhim

“One of my recent data visualisation projects explored issues of fish sustainability, another explored the bombings to Tokyo during the Second World War. Both projects use thoughtful and sensitive visual metaphors. I also feel compelled to apply my design skills to projects which serve different user groups…”


Designer: Calvin Hui

“I am a graduate from Monash University, bachelor of Visual Communication. I finished my degree in November 2013 with The Best Folio Award and currently working in a branding agency Truly Deeply as an intern…”


Designer: Amy Kemp

“Throughout the course, Amy found she loved working with words, and began to incorporate visual and verbal messages in line with the tone of her work. Amy saw certain briefs as a chance to break free from the computer, generating visual imagery for briefs by hand…”


Designer: Christina Carey

“Moving from modeling to design, Christina began her life as a graphic designer at Shillington College in June 2014. With a strong eye for design and appreciation of the process behind ideas, Christina approached each brief with a clear message at its core…”


Designer: Andrew Ireland

“I believe graphic design should communicate ideas and solve problems; resonating not only aesthetically with it’s audience, but on an emotional and conceptual level. Aesthetically my work strives to be content driven, rather than style driven…”

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