Create Awards 2014: Identity shortlist announced

Published:  July 24, 2014

Now in its 10th year, the 2014 Create Design Awards is celebrating the thin line between what makes design and what design makes. And twice a week, we will be announcing the shortlisted entries for each category. Today, it’s Identity.

Sponsored by Impact Digital, this year’s shortlisted entrants for the Identity category include Aer Design, Band, Bird, Grosz Co. Lab, Pennant, Principle Design, RE, Swear Words and The Hungry Workshop.

The judges were looking for ingenious creation and utilisation of brand identity across multiple mediums. Entrants were invited to submit logos, style guides or a campaign where consistent and effective use of branding is displayed.

The shortlisted entries are listed below. Head over to to see the images and rationales for each entry in full.


Studio: Aer Design
Project: DDP Studios Identity
Client: DDP Studios

“DDP Studios was formed through the union of four leading post-production houses and needed a new brand to express the merge of talent and technology.

 The brand was developed as a nod to the artisans and their craft at DDP studios, which was a foundation of the company…”


Studio: Band
Project: Claire Kneebone Identity
Client: Claire Kneebone

“Claire Kneebone is a renowned Australian interior architect who primarily develops interior solutions for the hospitality industry. The spaces she creates have an industrial, minimal ambience with use of structural elements and dark tones which are juxtaposed with the warmth of recycled materials, metallic finishes and highlights of solid colour…”

Bird - Chin 2

Studio: Bird
Project: Chin Rebrand
Client: Chin Communications

“For over 20 years, Chin Communications has provided Chinese translation services across Australia. Our challenge was to refresh a well-recognised brand, built on millennials of history of their namesake Qin Shihuangdi – China’s first emperor. We created an identity that unites the brand’s past and future. A logomark based on seal script…”


Studio: Grosz Co. Lab
Project: Willoughby Architecture Identity
Client: Willoughby Architecture

Newly established Willoughby Architecture works across bespoke residential, small to medium sized commercial builds and everything in between. The practice required an identity with built in flexibility anchored in a system of interchangeable elements…”


Studio: Grosz Co. Lab
Project: From Dawn to Dawn
Client: Ivan Sikic

“Developed for artist Ivan Sikic’s work ‘From Dawn to Dawn’, the creation of promotional items for this project-each one individually hand sprayed in the studio by Grosz Co. Lab – not only reflected the visual qualities of the performative work but also the uniqueness and physicality of this durational performance…”


Studio: Pennant
Project: Pause Fest ’14
Client: Pause Fest

“Pause Fest is Australia’s most progressive digital festival; one event for the thinkers, practitioners and entrepreneurs of digital culture.

This year’s theme, Connected, focuses on the possibilities that lie ahead – what we have accomplished at present and what that means for the global digital community in years to come…”


Studio: Principle Design
Project: Perret Simpson Stanton
Client: Perret Simpson Stanton

“Perrett Simpson Stanton is a structural and civil engineering consultancy, which has been working with architects on public buildings and corporate facilities for the last 30 years. They asked us to create a strong brand that would reflect their contemporary, progressive approach. The brand we crafted was inspired by…”


Studio: Principle Design
Project: Roar Projects
Client: Roar Projects

“With over 60 years of combined experience between its four partners, Roar Projects pushes the boundaries and challenges the norm with their unique hospitality offering. To symbolise this strength of partnership, we created a shield marque with each letter split into four quadrants…”


Studio: RE
Project: Visualaz
Client: Visualaz

“Every great story has a beginning, middle and end. Visualaz, a film and production studio, specialises in bringing stories to life for weddings and corporate clients. The identity is based on the three part story structure – be it words, pictures or even sounds. The logo lends itself perfectly to this form…”


Studio: RE
Project: Optus Identity
Client: Optus

“Optus is the second largest telecom in Australia. In recent years, the once challenger brand had the lost its way and needed to get things back on track. Optus had to set things straight, re-engineering itself in order to win back its customers’ hearts…”


Studio: RE
Project: Jason.l Furniture
Client: Jason.l

“You would think there was enough office furniture in the world to keep people’s bottoms ergonomically satisfied, right? Well, judging by Jason.L’s annual growth, apparently not.

Jason.L is an online Australian office furniture retailer. From one chair for your home studio, through to massive corporate fit-outs, they do it all…”


Studio: Swear Words
Project: The Good Fish
Client: The Good Fish

“Anything but a ‘frozen flake and soggy chips’ sort of joint, The Good Fish Co. reinvents the concept of the fish and chip shop by focussing on sustainability and good health…”


Studio: Swear Words
Project: Who Gives A Crap
Client: Who Gives A Crap

“Who Gives a Crap toilet paper has developed a unique business model that, amongst many other category re-defining attributes, donates 50% of its profits to building toilets in the developing world. The brief went something like this: ‘Turn the toilet paper category on its ass’…”


Studio: The Hungry Workshop
Project: Inkster Maken
Client: Inkster Maken

“Hugh Altschwager is influenced by the Australian environment and his Nordic heritage. Inkster Maken makes use of under-utilised materials to create, with a timeless Northern European aesthetic.

When designing the identity we drew on the same inspiration – creating a ‘cattle brand’ monogram device and custom typography fused with the same Northern European aesthetic…”

See the shortlisted entries for the Identity category here.

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