Create Awards 2014: Packaging shortlist announced!

Published:  July 21, 2014

Now in its 10th year, the 2014 Create Design Awards is celebrating the thin line between what makes design and what design makes. And each week, from today, we will be announcing the shortlisted entries for each category, starting with Packaging.

Sponsored by BJ Ball Papers, this year’s shortlisted entrants for Packaging include Catherine PeacockSwear WordsThe CollectiveThe Creative Method and Wondermint.

The judges were looking for a balance between the tactile and visual appeal of the packaging, as well as outstanding function, considering the handling and use, its manufacture and assembly, and its environmental impact. Coincidentally, all the shortlisted packaging entries are for bottles!

The shortlisted entries are listed below. Head over to to see the images and rationales for each entry in full.

Suite copy

Studio: Catherine Peacock
Project: Jinglers Creek Labels
Client: Jinglers Creek

“Rebrand and label design for Tasmanian boutique vineyard and olive grove, Jinglers Creek. 

Aged in their late-twenties, the clients are among the more youthful wine producers in Tasmania, and the vineyard surrounds their home. All grapes and olives are grown on the property, and are picked by family and friends…”

temple_low_4 copy

Studio: Swear Words
Project: Temple Brewing Company
Client: Temple Brewing Company

“The Temple Brewing Company produces a range of distinctive handcrafted beers brewed with passion and dedication to craftsmanship. Based in the hipster stronghold of Brunswick East, Temple was in desperate need of a refresh to reconnect with their audience and keep pace with the fresh aesthetic of the burgeoning craft beer scene…”

Visionary_Hero Bottle_Box_1_2009 RGB copy

Studio: The Collective
Project: Taylors The Visionary
Client: Taylors Wines

“Named in honour of Bill Taylor Snr., who founded Taylors Wines in 1969, The Visionary Cabernet Sauvignon is Taylors’ flagship wine. The wine is a pinnacle release aimed at highly involved male wine consumers 35-55 years old who consider wine to be their indulgence…”

Bondi Rd_A4_72dpi3 copyStudio: The Creative Method
Project: Bondi Road
Client: Casella Family Brands

“We needed to create a new bold and contemporary spritzer that was iconic and trustworthy. It needed to appeal to the younger female consumer that was looking for a drink with more authenticity than traditional RTDs. The design idea came from a team ideation session where the beach towel was suggested…”

Bamboozle_A4_72dpi2 copyStudio: The Creative Method
Project: Bamboozle Wine
Client: Marlborough Valley Wines

“Create a wine with a talking point and a sense of humour. Something premium and unique and, if possible, a story about the great wine. After trying the wine we were amazed at the strong passionfruit notes in the character. So strong were these that many of our staff members actually thought there was passionfruit in the wine…”

VODKA O A44_LR copyStudio: Wondermint
Project: Vodka O Premix
Client: ASM Liquor

“The brief was to re-frame RTD from the Vodka O trademark parent — that products were made with more integrity, real ingredients and none of the additives and preservatives. The concept takes its cues from the owners youth where they would sell vodka from the back of a Combi van to beach buffs…”

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