Create Awards 2015: Toko’s Eva Dijkstra joins the judging panel

Published:  May 4, 2015

Introducing the second of our judging panel for the Create Awards 2015: Eva Dijkstra.

Eva Dijkstra, together with Michael Lugmayr, is the founder of Design by Toko. A multi-faceted creative practice established in 2002 in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and since 2008 based in Sydney, Australia.


Educated in the Dutch-European culture of design and art, Toko’s philosophy and creative process follows a distinctive conceptual approach in which critical thought, experimentation, and potential collaborations are key. Concepts are derived from extensive research to develop contemporary, distinctive and coherent design solutions often challenging it’s visual application, playful, unexpected and minimalist.

Since setting up, Toko worked on major visual communication and branding projects, lending their talent to a wealth of cultural and commercial projects, both in Australia and beyond.


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