Create Awards: The Print Creative & Photography shortlists!

Published:  August 14, 2014

Now in its 10th year, the 2014 Create Design Awards is celebrating the thin line between what makes design and what design makes. And twice a week, we will be announcing the shortlisted entries for each category. Today, it’s Print Creative and Photography.

Sponsored by Whirlwind, this year’s Print Creative shortlisted entrants include Old School Press, Eleven Eleven Design, Nowhere Famous and Re

The judges were looking for design excellence, execution of the brief, the power of the communication and the innovative use of the print medium. The award recognises outstanding design for a printed project that is not limited by a commercial brief. Entries may include self promotion, posters, stationery, publications, advertising material and other print work.

The shortlisted entries are listed below. Head over to to see the images and rationales for each entry in full.


Studio: Old School Press
Project: Belly of the Beast
Client: self-initiated

“With its fundamental belief that good design is central to social value, community, and social change, this publication is designed as a manifesto to inspire everyone to rethink his or her design practice and step away from the keyboard to reconnect with what matters…”


Studio: Nowhere Famous
Project: Creating Online
Client: Google

“To coincide with the Google Big Tent conference held at the MCA in Sydney, we were approached to produce a book that reflected the ideas being presented. The book, and accompanying website, became a representation of the concept of content being created online…”


Studio: Eleven Eleven Design
Project: Enveloped in Varnish
Client: Justus Magazine

“Justus Magazine is a publication that has been specifically created to showcase the talent and craftsmanship of the Australian print design industry. It features a multitude of specialty stocks, demonstrates the latest printing and ink technologies and highlights a range of distinctive embellishments…”


Studio: Re
Project: Re Sketchbooks
Client: self-initiated

“The 2014 Re sketchbooks come in four different colour paper stocks, open-stitch bound and topped off with a nice fluoro screenprint of our identity. The book lies flat when open, and the paper is thick enough to avoid any show through from the typical designer’s pen…”

The Photography shortlisted entrants include Trent MitchellSark Studio, Mark Lobo Photograhy and Tin & Ed.

The judges were looking at the art direction, composition, fulfilment of the brief (where relevant) and aesthetic craft. The award recognises exceptional photography that may be self-commissioned, creative or as part of a commercial campaign. Digital image enhancement was permitted provided the content of the original image is not altered more than 25 percent.

Studio: Trent Mitchell
Project: Above / Below

“This edition is made of two halves, one above the oceans horizon and the other below. Non-specific to time or place the work expresses emotive connections to the sea through energy and space…”

Studio: Tin&Ed
Project: Chet Faker album cover

“Through a series of still lifes, the artwork talks about the impermanence of objects, memories and relationships. We’ve used objects that are millions of years old and others that are man made and very new to create an expanded sense of time and history…”

Studio: Mark Lobo Photography
Project: Graze

“This food photography series, “Graze” takes a playful approach to photographing food. As part of his ongoing personal project, Mark looks to bring out the character within each food group he photographs. The use of colour and lighting is kept simple and bold to best interpret and tell a story…”

StudioMark Lobo Photography
Project: Semi-Permanent Backstage Photography

“He worked on location with each speaker to capture a series of honest, calm and content moments, hoping to tell the story of his subjects at rest and photograph their true characters…”

Studio: Sark Studio
Project: The Human Environment

“20 renown photographers created a single photographic artwork (using a Sark Studio shirt) which represents their unique interpretation of, ‘The Human Environment’. The resulting works are personal, diverse and provocative…”

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