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Published:  July 30, 2015
Issac Teh

For many creatives, the name Wacom is synonymous with pen tablets that allow us to bridge the gap between digital and traditional design. Often using a mouse or trackpad does not allow one the full range of motion and nuances that using a brush or a pencil would permit. As such, at some point in the career or lives of many illustrators and photographers, a Wacom tablet or display would have been at the top of the wish-list. (The Intuos Pro provides 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity!)


Now there’s even more to look forward to with Wacom.

They have launched their first global promotional campaign entitled ‘Create more’, currently running till December 31st. It is comprised of the launch of an online resource platform as well as the implementation of some attractive offers for those looking to get their very own pen tablet.

The ‘Create more’ online platform  is a treasure chest of resources for professionals and experienced enthusiasts. Featuring free tutorials from professional artists, it allows users to learn from the best in the comfort of their own homes. Eleven internationally recognised artists from all over the world are a part of this great new resource bank. They include Melbourne-based illustrator Guy Shield, visual engineer and photographer Ben Von Wong and award-winning illustrator Miss Led amongst others.


Christmas Card by Guy Shield / Wacom

These outstanding individuals share their experiences and tips through videos and the platform also provides e-books, PDFs, photoshop brushes and files which can be downloaded anytime, at your own convenience. The tutorials are multi-faceted and practical because Wacom has identified the most effective mediums to share these valuable ideas and has made such premium content available to the users.

In conjunction with the launch of the website, the ‘Create more’ campaign also offers those who purchase an Intuos Pro pen tablet full access to a value pack. Some of the software perks included in this pack are a free one year pro membership to AutoDesk Sketchbook, a 30-day membership to online video training from and a free software package (Perfect Effects 9 Premium) from on1.

If you’re a bit of a techie and looking to explore a different, more tactile way to create your art and design, this might be the time to spring for one of those pen tablets. If not, check out those tutorials online anyway, because they are free for everyone!


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