Create your own typeface with one of Adobe’s future apps

Published:  October 15, 2015

Among the announcements that piqued our interest during Adobe’s creativity conference in LA last week were three future apps presented in the Sneaks keynote – Project Faces, DeepFont and Project Maestro look like they’ll be saving designers hours of work in the near future.





There were new tools introduced, plenty of great updates and insightful sharing sessions from leading creatives but what got the crowd at Adobe Max at the edge of their seats was the Sneaks keynote where the behind-the-scene progresses, future applications and updates were shown off.

Project Faces is a mobile application for creating fonts. Currently in its prototype stages, the application actually allows you to change the form and structure of individual letters within minutes.

Users can change the thickness, contrast, curves and slant using sliders, and there are also effects such as weight, stencil and more available.


Another font-based application is DeepFont. Adobe described DeepFont as the Shazam for fonts. Essentially a font recognition system with a library of over 75,000 fonts, users take a picture of a font they like and the app will try to identify the font type.


Project Maestro is another future mobile app that aims to help the designer, or anyone really, to create simple animations easier and with lesser time involved. We can stop stressing over keyframes because this app will be able to track your fingers in real time to get the right position of each keyframe. Animators with more experience can also create more complex animations with this application by blending motions together, adding behaviours, adjusting the intensity of those behaviours and more. Once you’re satisfied with your work you can transfer it to After Effects for further edits.

Read about other future applications revealed at Max on the Adobe blog.


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