Creative Places launches in Sydney

Published:  September 13, 2011
Alison Copley
Creative Places launches in Sydney

Gone are the days of separation and secrecy between studios. A trend which many are embracing is collaboration – not only working together on selected projects but, in many cases, actually sharing a space.

This exact trend is what promoted Buzz (creative director at Campaign Monitor) and Ben (director of digital strategy at Mentally Friendly) to set up Creative Places in Sydney. The initiative has only been going for just over a week but has three clear objectives – to organise and host collaborative work sessions for designers and developers in pop-up locations around Sydney; help to find temporary and permanent creative resources for agencies and businesses and hold a few creative workshops.

I caught up with Buzz to find out how the week has gone and what he hopes Creative Places will do for the creative industry.

What prompted you to start Creative Places?
After reading an article about a similar set-up happening out of Melbourne, a friend and I started looking for creative and stimulating spaces here in Sydney to work on our own projects. Having asking around a bit, it was clear that heaps of other designers and developers in Sydney were looking for the same thing. Seeing as nothing of the sort existed… we’ve decided to start it ourselves.

Can you explain what you hope it to to become?
Our aim is to bring together like-minded people and put them in a creative environment where they can work alone, or with others on their side-projects. Designers and developers are crying out for something like this, so we’re hoping Creative Places can fill the gap. Personally, we’re both really looking forward to meeting designers and developers who we can share ideas with… which is the whole point of Creative Places.

Has it been rewarding thus far?
Yes, it’s been fantastic. We only launched the site last week, and just through word of mouth we managed to receive hundreds of signups within the first couple of days – proving that the need was definitely there! Agencies and companies have been really receptive to the idea too, and have already offered us some really cool places to make this happen… so the response has been great! It’s all happened really quickly, so we’re both really excited to see the response to our first creative ‘place’, which will be extremely soon!

Anything else we should know?
I think what makes this a unique idea is that it’s just run by two guys, who are genuinely interested in making a difference – rather than for any kind of financial or commercial gain. In being involved with our community, you can expect a very personal experience – and hopefully meet a bunch of really great people along the way!

In Sydney and looking for a creative space or wanting to offer out a creative space? Sign up here.

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