D&AD Annual features Australian design from a surprising source

Published:  August 17, 2014

A forward peek has been released of the 2014 D&AD Award Annual cover, which has come from an unexpected, Australian source.

Outgoing D&AD president Laura Jordan-Bambach has engaged five international design studios to work on the 2014 D&AD annual, in an effort, she said, to showcase a new wave of emerging design, one which “shakes off the shackles of the white, middle-class, Western, male perspective, traditional in the industry”.

“In my year as D&AD President, I’ve spent a lot of time exploring design communities and cultures all around the globe. I’ve not only unearthed so much incredible work, but I’ve learned about what design truly means in these places.”

The contributing designers and design studios – including performance artists and digital specialists – include Brazilian book designer Elaine Ramos, Indian consultancy Codesign, Japanese digital design collective Rhizomatics, Vietnamese multidisciplinary consultancy Rice Creative and, in a move that celebrates the overlapping potential of exciting communication between creative disciples, the Australian performance art quartet, The Kingpins.

The 2014 D&AD cover by Sydney performance artists, The Kingpins.

Originally emerging from Sydney’s drag scene, The Kingpins create performances, videos, installations, clothing and paintings that are known for their visually rich, satirical aim at mainstream culture. Técha Noble and Emma Price of the quartet have created the cover for the annual.

Jordan-Bambach says, “Bringing together five very different and distinctive artists, whilst creating a cohesive editorial design is a huge challenge, but I’m incredibly excited to see the final product.”

From The Kingpins’ 2013, ‘Spider Nanny’

From The Kingpins’ 2013 ‘Spider Nanny’

The 2014 D&AD Annual is produced in a limited number 0f 3000 and will launch on 16 September at the London Design Festival.

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