David Lynch in the Sunshine State

Published:  March 13, 2015

Opening tomorrow at Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art, Between Two Worlds is the first exhibition in Australia, and the biggest in the world, to assemble the artistic output of American filmmaker and artist David Lynch.

The exhibition will explore the mysteries of the Twin Peaks creator’s mind through a showcase of his entire practice — from painting, photography, printmaking, industrial design, music, and of course, moving image.


Untitled, 1970s


Untitled, 2007

The auteur, also an art school graduate, told The Australian, “I’ve been painting all through the years and all I ever really wanted to do in the beginning was be a painter. So I kept painting but I never showed too much.”

Lynch’s hallucinatory narratives and visuals have freaked viewers out for decades. Exhibition curator José Da Silva says, “Even on a basic visual level, you understand how the same person is making these films and making this work. Unlike some filmmakers who dabble in other media, his work across other media has been central to his ideas about his broader cinematic work.”


Head #15 (from the ‘Small Stories’ series), 2013

The exhibition, inhabiting seven of GOMA’s galleries, also features in-conversations, screenings and musical projects, including two concerts by Xiu Xiu who will be re-imagining the music of Twin Peaks.

All images courtesy of GOMA

David Lynch: Between Two Worlds 14 March – 7 June 2015


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