Design Matters and agIdeas video archive now available online

Published:  May 23, 2014

For 25 years, agIdeas has been a platform for 620 speakers, from across the globe, to talk about all aspects, stories and modes of design, each with a specialised knowledge of communication, product, industrial, advertising, digital, lighting, sound or built environment.

With new video uploaded every week, agIdeas and Design Matters are sharing their archive to provide a resource for designers, researchers, businesses and students, with the opinions and thoughts of renown designers at the forefront of their discipline.

As the Design Matters resource is still growing, you can currently watch the first two instalments of the Business Advantage breakfast seminar presentation from its keynote speaker, Dr Søren Ingomar Petersen. Recognised as a world leader in the theories and practice of integrating design into business, Petersen discusses how design capabilities and financial performance are linked, arguing that most companies barely scratch the surface of what design can deliver to their bottom line.

And continuing its archiving of past speakers, agIdeas have uploaded a playlist of speaker highlights to its Youtube channel, the most recent additions being the film and gaming concept artist, Wesley Burt, and the designer, typographer and art director Luke Lucas.

Keep an eye on the Design Matters and agIdeas sites for new video uploads every week.

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