Design & Research Survey

Published:  August 28, 2012
Heath Killen
Design & Research Survey

Do you conduct research? Do you read research? Is research important?

Research is a contentious issue in the industry, specifically with regards to how research is conducted and what value it has for design practice. What is certain, is that the debate requires a broader understanding of exactly what research is and a deeper investigation into how it can support design projects.

Emma Fisher, a PhD candidate at the Swinburne Faculty of Design, posits that “most of the debate is based on pure opinion, as there is no empirical evidence of what is currently taking place in Australian communication design practice with regard to engaging with research.” She also states that “there is a gross imbalance in the discussion, with the majority of comment originating from academia, and few contributions from professional practitioners who are actually involved in current practice.”

Fisher’s research is an investigation into if, how, and why Australian communication designers engage with research in their work. It will also aim to provide evidence to ground the debate around design research, and propose “future strategies for best practice, design research and education that recognise and accommodate the way practitioners currently engage with and value research”

Communication designers and academics from around Australia are invited to participate in a research survey on how they currently engage with research in their work.

Participation takes 10-15 minutes to complete, and is voluntary, anonymous and confidential.

To participate as a practicing communication designer please go to:

Or, those who wish to participate as a communication design academic, should go to:

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