Designs of the Year 2014: nominations announced

Published:  February 11, 2014

76 projects have been shortlisted for The Design Museum’s Designs of the Year 2014 awards. Divided into six categories: product, digital, fashion, architecture, graphics and transport, the nominations are as diverse as ever, reaching from the very experimental to the life-saving, the critical to the crucial.

This broad array of the modes and approaches design can take is celebrated with the nomination of projects like the ABC Syringe which changes from clear to red once it has been used (therefore indicating its potential contamination), or the school built to float on a Nigerian lagoon, facilitating the education of the children in the water-based community. Yet it also includes the nominations of Gourmond magazine, Experimental Jetset‘s ‘Responsive W’ identity for the Whitney Museum, Chineasy, an illustrated Chinese language learning system, and the impressive Grand-Central by Thibault Brevet, an open internet platform that translates submitted text via smartphones, which is then ‘written’ in marker pen by a mechanical printer – a digital message typed by hand made analogue by a mechanical process.

The ABC syringe


Arts and culture journal, The Gourmand, by David Lane & Marina Tweed

Experimental Jetset’s rebranding work for The Whitney Museum

In the digital category, McCann Melbourne’s multi-award-winning Dumb Ways to Die rail safety campaign rears its head again, nominated against (among others) The Aerosee — a crowdsourced search and rescue drone that enables smartphone or desktop users to search mountains for people in danger.

McCann Melbourne’s ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ campaign up for another award

As usual, a visitor’s vote will be open to the public, and for the first time the museum is introducing a social vote this year, allowing Twitter and Facebook users to choose the favourite of two exhibits from the show every day.

See the full list here.

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