desktop’s top 10 projects for 2012

Published:  December 27, 2012
desktop’s top 10 projects for 2012

We took a look at the site stats over the past year to uncover the most popular projects on in 2012.

The most popular projects were branding and identity-based, followed by a collection of other design projects including wedding invitations, magazines, signage… and a mural.

Two Sydney-based studios, Frost* Design and Interbrand’s Sydney office collectively held five of the top ten spots.

You can relive all of the most popular projects below (in order of popularity):

  1. Eye Magazine
    - by Frost* Design
  2. AGDA NSW rebrand
    - by Interbrand Sydney
  3. 72DP Mural
    - by Craig & Karl
  4. 2012 St Kilda Film Festival
    - by StudioBrave
  5. LEGO Forest
    - Creative concept: One Green Bean & Host Sydney, Design: Rocket Science
  6. The Royal Children’s Hospital wayfinding
    - by Büro North
  7. Wedding Invitation
    - by Interbrand Australia
  8. Chiswick Restaurant identity
    - by Frost* Design
  9. Next Wave 2012 Festival identity
    - by KIN
  10. Cloak and Dagger identity
    - by Interbrand Sydney

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