Desktop announces ANNUAL publication!

Published:  March 12, 2010
Desktop announces ANNUAL publication!

It is with overwhelmingly giddy excitement that we announce the ANNUAL Desktop Design Directory (yes, ANNUAL) to go on-sale June 2010 for at least 6-months. Taking the form of a stunningly designed 160+ page soft-cover book, the DDD is an A-Z directory (like the Yellow Pages, but one HECK of a lot sexier!) visually showcasing the incredible work and company details of select creative/design service providers such as graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, web designers, retouchers, animators and more.

The DDD will be distributed through Borders, Magnation, newsagencies and other bookstores, online and will of course also be promoted heavily through Desktop and Niche Media’s other many avenues. Additionally (and oh most excitingly), a complimentary copy of the DDD will be sent to Australia’s top 500 marketing professionals (through our already existing database)! The DDD will not only be read by designers & creative professionals, it will also be hitting a HUGE audience of marketing and agency professionals, ANY business that requires the service of a creative professional, and of course people who simply love all things visually delicious (the DDD will make a stunning gift!).

The launch of the DDD presents an exciting opportunity for creative professionals to:

A) Get exposure & increase “brand” awareness
B) Attract new business!

We are now inviting expressions of interest to participate/advertise in the DDD, BUT opportunity/space is limited. Opportunity to participate strictly closes on 12th April (as in, that is D-Day… No more!), but given popularity, we do advise you get in quick. For further information on being included as a directory listing, contact:

Danielle Wilson
Desktop Design Directory Coordinator
Ph: +61 3 9948 4904

4 Responses

  1. Ben Nelson

    sounds like a great resource – i’ll look out for it in june

  2. Aaron

    Looks like a good thing to get. Might advertise next year.

  3. Edith S

    I hope you guys are going to be at SemiPermanent this weekend – Can’t wait to meet the team and talk business! This book is going to kick ass!

  4. Great concept. Any sneak peaks on what it will look like?

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