Design As Activity—a one day, graphic design intensive in 4 parts

Published:  February 24, 2014

As the graphic design field broadens, it also restricts. As it specialises, it also democratises. It’s forever shifting and it’s a tough industry to keep up with, but this doesn’t mean you need to stay up to date with technology, it means being in touch with the foundations of what you do.

UPDATE: The Design As Activity Intensive has sold out!

Expanding on desktop‘s current Design As Activity issue, we have teamed up with Old School New School to deliver a day of carefully curated learning and intense experimentation.

Structured as ‘a graphic design intensive in four parts’, the Design As Activity Intensive is a 6-hour class that explores the actions, processes and definitions of a broad graphic design practice. We have sectioned graphic design into image, type, research and writing with short, concise sessions on each and lead by experienced designers. ‘Students’ will be exposed to thoughts, techniques and activities that collectively inspire a holistic refresher of what graphic design is, and what it could be.

We have roped in Jack Mussett (Motherbird) to head up our image session, Paul Marcus Fuog (U-P) to guide you through the potential of research, Veronica Grow (OSNS) will lead the type section and desktop‘s editor Bonnie Abbott (also of Double Days) will run exercises on the practical possibilities of design writing.

Jack Mussett, Motherbird

Paul Fuog, U-P (image from Field Experiments)

Together, these sessions form an alternative way you can think about and approach design. With no wrong and right, the intensive will provide a well directed, risk-free and experimental learning environment that enables you to make new discoveries about your own abilities. Structured feedback will be a feature of a professional learning experience with the aim of transporting your skills and thinking into your future projects, enabling the ‘student’ to walk away with a toolkit to build a complete notion of graphic design, their way.

Veronica Grow, Old School New School for Design and Technology

Bonnie Abbott, desktop / Double Days

The class will be limited to 30 people to enable the highest contact and attention between students and instructors.

Download the Design As Activity Intensive information pack

Saturday 22 March  
10am – 5:30pm

Cost: $215
Places: 30 max

The Meadow
111 Queensbridge Street
Southbank, Melbourne 3006

Lunch and welcome pack are provided to participants.
Basic workshop materials will also be provided. Bring laptops, cameras and special equipment if desired, but is not necessary.

As this masterclass focuses on experimentation and self-development, there is no design experience necessary, although students, graduates and those wanting to explore new areas of their profession will gain the most from this workshop.

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