desktop’s student survey results

Published:  March 26, 2012
desktop’s  student survey results

Late last year, we conducted an online survey of Australian design students to capture their mood, their opinions and, most of all, their responses to a series of questions about the way they communicate, how they rate their course, and their take on design itself – both now and into the future.

The survey was open for one week. During that time we received 375 responses. From these Alex Tyers collected 44 pages of data and comments, which he painstakingly sifted through and crunched down into an article which was published in the September 2011 issue of desktop magazine.

Want to see the results? They’re available for free download here*.

*All writing, research and infographics in the article by Alex Tyers. No part of the article may be reproduced without the prior permission of desktop magazine and Alex Tyers.

3 Responses

  1. Maxwell Magain

    Thanks Alex Tyers for publishing the results of the student survey and the effort of puting it together. I found it interesting and unbiased. Cheers!

  2. QC

    This really helps us to understand our young designers of tomorrow. (a big thanks from whirlwind print!) :)

  3. Stephen Joyce

    I am just wondering if the survey collected what level of study these students were attending. Are these Undergrad students only or does the survey include responses from TAFE, Postgrad or even possibly School level? Thanks.

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