desktop’s summer issue is out

Published:  December 5, 2012
desktop’s summer issue is out

The December/January ‘summer’ issue of desktop magazine (issue #287) is now on sale and available until the end of January.

The issue is titled ‘Futureproof’ and is our exploration of new frontiers in design, and the new ideas that are giving form to tomorrow. It features a range of discussions, opinions and advice about the future of design, with close to 40 contributors from around the globe. The cover was designed by Sonia Rentsch, with photography by Scott Newett and retouching by Hadyn Cattach.

Also inside the issue:

Flash Forward:
Seven studios from Australia, New Zealand and Japan share a vision of the future – including Collider and Groovisions.

Flash Forward

Five Future Innovators:
Organisations that are helping push Australian design culture forward – Media Lab Melbourne, Experimenta and The Edge.

Five Future Innovators

Future of design?
We asked Bruce Sterling, Garry Emery, Suzanne Boccalatte, Liane Rossler, Lorraine Justice and Koert Van Mensvoort.

Future of design?

Dan Hill:
Interview with Dan Hill, currently chief executive officer of Fabrica, around the topic of ‘new publishing hybrids’.

Dan Hill

Tomorrow’s Aesthetics Today:
Melbourne-based designer Michael Bojkowski reflects on the current media landscape and aesthetic trends.

Tomorrow’s Aesthetics Today

Summer Giveaway:
To celebrate summer we are running a giant giveaway with prizes worth over $2000 – from clocks to stationery to movie tickets. Enter before 30 January 2013.

Summer Giveaway

The December/January cover was designed by Sonia Rentsch, with photography by Scott Newett and retouching by Hadyn Cattach

Subscribe to desktop magazine – both print and digital options available. If you subscribe before 31 January 2013, you’ll receive a copy of the book – Top Designers’ Secrets Revealed book (conditions apply).

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