DIA: Design Sydney x Design Melbourne

Published:  July 30, 2012
DIA: Design Sydney x Design Melbourne

The seventh talk in Design Institute of Australia’s annual 10 x 10 series is Top 4 x 4 – Design Sydney versus Design Melbourne. Pitting designers from Melbourne against designers from Sydney, each individual will discuss how their passion for design is fed by their city.

The talk is on 9 August in Southbank, Melbourne. Tickets are $15 (DIA members) and $35 (Non DIA members). Book tickets here.

The four designers are:

Michael Chijoff
Michael Chijoff is the founder of Melbourne based industrial design consultancy Chijoff+Co. He brings an extensive background covering areas of product design and development, design education through to production, supply chain and logistics.

Russel Koskela
Russel Koskela is a co-founder of Sydney based Koskela and trained as an interior designer. He always had a passion for furniture design which he started to explore when working on the MLC project whilst at Lend Lease and then Bligh Voller Nield.

Bill Dowzer
Bill Dowzer is a Principal at BVN Architecture. He is the NSW Studio Director and recently led the design team on the Sulman Award winning Ravenswood School Library.

Jack Mussett
Jack Musset is the Creative Director and Principal of Motherbird in Melbourne. This creative outfit consists of 3 young designers, Jack Musset, Chris Murphy & Dan Evans. They have worked with a variety of clients including; MTV, Qantas, Warner Music, Chunky Move, Billy Blue School of Design and Positive Posters.

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