Digestion on display

Published:  February 17, 2014

This year’s St Kilda Festival includes a rather digestive exhibition entitled In + Out. Curated in collaboration by Project Quick and Dirty (Q.U.A.D) and Bar Di Stasio, the exhibition displays a collection of varied art forms following the theme ‘digestion’, exploring aspects of this daily phenomenon of human life. From consumption to elimination — a subject not often deemed proper in the social context — the aim is to ‘turn these intimate workings of the body, inside out’.

“Some may find the artwork a little hard to swallow – the work is very diverse, from theatrical, performance, to electronic and traditional media,” warns Q.U.A.D co-curator, Maddy Sharrock. “We have a provocative selection of emerging artists all aged between 22 to 33 and none are represented by galleries.”

Colby Cannon Mouth Macro, 2013. In + Out


Selfie, Mimi Leung 2014 for In + Out

On display are a range of imaginative artworks by artists and groups including: ACAB Collective, Nathan Ceddia, Mimi Leung, Ilya Milstein, Rachel Prince, Isobel Stuart and Sukoe.

The exhibition will run daily from 9 to 16 February between 12pm and 9pm at the Brightspace Gallery in St Kilda.


Header image: ACAB Collective Rave Cave

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