Digital recognition: Behance’s successful year in review

Published:  December 15, 2014

As one of the most popular portfolio sites around, it’s no surprise that Behance had some pretty astounding success stories this year. When the internet is flooded by all sorts of beautiful things — altered and appropriated, sourced and stolen — it can become quite difficult to filter through the mess and discover the gems. But thanks to the community and exposure of Behance, these people managed to blip the radar in 2014:

Instagram Experiments‘ popularity led to a National Geographic Cover and a book deal with Penguin Random House (both yet to be released) for Javier Perez, who reduces his projects to “random artwork published in my Instagram profile.”


Pink Floyd’s creative team discovered the work of 18 year-old Ahmed Emad Eldin and chose to commission him for their Endless River album cover — the band’s first album to be released in 20 years.

pink-floyd-cover pf-endless-river-628

Denis Medri was hired by animation and illustration giant Marvel to develop a new character for the Spiderman Comic Series after his concept-character “Steampunk Lady Spider” went viral.


Navid Baraty’s portfolio led to talks at Apple and the New York Public Library and was then featured in a dedicated exhibition by the MTA Arts for Transit and Urban Design held at the Bowling Green subway station in Manhattan.


With recognition not only limited to image makers, Marin Myftiu & Hussain Almossawi met on Behance and turned their idea of an “e-bike” (called nCycle) from concept to reality and were invited to showcase it at the EuroBike 2014 show in Germany.


Regardless of whether they attracted professional acclaim, the years most popular projects reveal a lot as well — users fell in love with new typefaces and fonts, and were keen to redesign big screen classics and small screen favourites.


Left: ADAM.CG PRO by Shrenik Ganatra / Right: Porto by UPPERTYPE

The Grand Budapest Hotel by LORENA .G

The Grand Budapest Hotel by LORENA .G

Pixelwood by Dusan Cezek

Pixelwood by Dusan Cezek

Left: Google News by George Kvasnikov / Right: Apple Store by Amber Creative

Left: Google News by George Kvasnikov / Right: Apple Store by Amber Creative

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