Eamon Donnelly – Milkbar exhibition

Published:  February 7, 2013
Eamon Donnelly – Milkbar exhibition

Eamon Donnelly continues his Australian milkbar project through a solo exhibition of milkbar photography, running this month in Melbourne.

Donnelly has been researching and photographing milkbars for the past five years as a personal quest to capture and preserve a facet of Australian culture. He explains that the images form an archive of memories. “Those hot and sticky summer afternoons when you rode your BMX up the melting bitumen to the corner shop, punched your way through the plastic fly door strips and demanded an ice cream in exchange for your 40 cents in 1 and 2 cent coins,” he says. He feels that the common milkbar represents an idealised image of Australia from the past: “the faded signage and empty corner shops still dotted around our cities remind us of a simpler time, a time when you knew your fellow shopkeeper by first name.”

The exhibition is titled ‘Shop here for value and friendly service’ and will be held at Carbon Black Gallery in Prahran.  The opening event is on Saturday the 23 of February from 3pm – 5pm, and runs from 23 February until 10 March.

For more information head to Donnelly’s website The Island Continent.

Shop here for value and friendly service

Milkbar sign by Eamon Donnelly

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