Electric Geometric

Published:  March 20, 2013
Electric Geometric

Former Perth local and now Melbourne-based visual artist, Ollie Lucas is bringing his particular style of work to a solo exhibition at No Vacancy Gallery in Melbourne next month.

His artworks often follow themes of “pareidolia, hardline geometrics and urban graffiti,” and the work in his show Electric Geometric is no different. The exhibition centers on the abstract and uses semaphores as a central point (semaphores: coloured flags and signs used for direction regarding train, plane and ship travel). Lucas brings semaphores to the fore through approximately 15 spools which feature neon splashes of paint and abstract patterns. He explains more about his work below:

“My work has always had graphical and clean elements to it. A past life as a graphic designer is to blame there. Exposure to the graffiti scene in Melbourne has made me question harmony in my work. I have a love for filthy, dirty and weathered paint splattered surfaces, but at the same time I crave clean, modern, hard-line geometrics. This is what drives my practice, combining two visual elements that are polar opposites in search for a harmony that I may never obtain.”

Electric Geometric, opens on 11 April 2013 and runs through to 21 April 2013 at No Vacancy Gallery at QV in Melbourne’s CBD.

You can check Lucas’ Tumblr here.

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