Event: Designing the human experience

Published:  October 12, 2016

General Assembly hosts a discussion this Thursday, 13 October, on the digital and physical and what it means to design for both.

Is there a universal law of design? Can you really divide digital and physical based on design and what can each discipline learn from each other?

General Assembly brings a discussion between designers and architects creating experiences in the physical space, together with UX and digital designers and developers who craft the way we interact with products and services in the digital space.

Come along and listen to experts in the fields of architecture, design, engineering, programming and human behaviour  who will discuss what it takes to make great design experiences and how to challenge the way we think about the intersection of architectural design of physical spaces with the design of digital experiences.

Speakers of the event include Richie Meldrum from Yoke, Jamie Skella from Contact Light, Aurecon’s Peter Greaves, Neometro’s Laura Phillips and Cat Hayes from Huddle.

Tickets to the event are free but registrations are required. Head over here to register now.

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