Exhibiting the future of design

Published:  April 30, 2013
Exhibiting the future of design

OBJECT FUTURE is a new exhibition from Melbourne designer Dale Hardiman and curator Suzannah Henty which will run from the 3rd to 16th of May at Brunswick Street Art Gallery. This independent design survey aspires to be a next generation approach to design exhibitions, and will provide a handpicked selection of emerging Melbourne designers with the vital exposure they need to develop their practices.

Conceived in response to the lack of exhibiting opportunities and inclusive exhibitions available to emerging Australian designers in all disciplines, OBJECT FUTURE seeks to create an available space for designers to showcase past, current and future work to a broad range of audiences. The exhibition reinterprets the notion of galleries as exclusive spaces for classical interpretation of art.

“OBJECT FUTURE proposes that the conceptual and aesthetic components of design permit an exhibition entirely exploring this practice,” say co-organisers Hardiman and Henty “Here the exhibition endeavours to reclaim the gallery environment for design, as a place of criticism and a place for creative and constructive dialogue around design and its practice while simultaneously providing a platform for emerging designers to present their work to a wider audience outside academic critique,”

Encompassing furniture pieces, typography, lighting, graphic design and designer makers,
OBJECT FUTURE surveys the latest innovative work by emerging designers Ash Allan (The Edge 2013 Commercial Award Winner), Ed Linacre (Global James Dyson 2011 Winner), Duncan Meerding, Elena Schaedel, Rowan Turnham, Georgie Cummings, Tom Talevski, Marcus Jan Csomor, Pete Saunders, Thom Lentini, Melissa Pepers, Eleanor Adams and Angelo Giunta.

OBJECT FUTURE will open at 6pm on May 3rd with an opening address by renowned Australian design identity, Simone Leamon. All are welcome to attend.

About Dale Hardiman
Furniture Designer and Co-founder of design studio LAB DE STU, Dale Hardiman has been practising in the field for four years, garnering significant attention for his environmental and conceptually driven designs. A graduate of RMITʼs design school, Hardiman is interested in creating inclusive environments for emerging designers to launch their inventive work.

About Suzannah Henty
Suzannah Henty, a student at The University of Melbourne, Founder and Director of SVBH Art Consultancy and Curator at Brunswick Street Gallery, has been collaborating with Hardiman since 2010. Henty, who curated Hardimanʼs first solo show, Irregular Forms (2012), focuses on contemporary design and art, their meeting point and the multiplicities in exhibition design.

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