Experimenta: Speak To Me

Published:  September 19, 2012
Heath Killen
Experimenta: Speak To Me

From Experimenta comes Speak to Me, the 5th International Biennial of Media Art, which is happening at various locations around Melbourne from now until November 17th.

This year’s biennial is focused on supporting and presenting new work from both Australian and international artists, particularly those from the Asia-Pacific region. Expect to see a range of exciting projects including projections, robotics, and interactive installations.

I had the pleasure of seeing Nobuhiro Shimura’s Dress at Monash this week and if it’s any indication, Speak to Me promises to deliver some fascinating exhibitions. A range of site specific works will also be featured, including contributions from Taiwanese artist Shih Chieh Huang, Japanese artists Ryoko Aoki and Zon Ito, amd Australian artist Archie Moore.

Speak to Me is an invitation to consider what it means, at this time, to be together. We have had the ability to communicate with each other anywhere, all of the time, for some time now. As this capacity for connectedness is integrated more into our lives, it affects our daily actions and the way we communicate. In a rapidly changing technological field, it is timely to consider these new relationships- to the world, technology and each other. What does this connectedness now offer us? Experimenta Speak to Me brings together works that offer multiple perspectives as to how we form connections with others and how we negotiate intimacy in our lives.

For more information, including a full program, list of venues, and educational events – visit the Experimenta site or Facebook page.

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