Fabrica Lectures

Published:  July 11, 2013
Fabrica Lectures

Design research and education centre Fabrcia have a long tradition of monthly guest lectures and workshops, previously playing host to innovative designers and thinkers such as Tomato, Issey Miyake, Ferran Adrià, and Michael Nyman. More recently, CEO Dan Hill has been increasing the frequency of these events to a lecture per week, or every couple of weeks, while also continuing to invite guests from divergent fields to speak on provocative, zeitgeisty subjects.

This recent series of 2013 lectures have now been made avaialble to watch online.

Talks available to watch now include Robert Wong of Google Creative Lab, Patrick Tanguay explaining the creation of The Alpine Review, Jennifer Magnolfi on co-working and new workplaces and urban spaces, Rory Hyde on unsolicited (and not really) architecture, Matt Cottam of Tellart on 21st century industrial design, Martino Gamper on his personal and holistic design practice, Elizabeth Farlie on communication design, Niko Spelbrink on contemporary typography, Beeker Northam on the new communications and new craft, Alessandro Menino of Gummy Industries on social media-powered creativity, Cristiana Favretto & Antonio Girardi of Studiomobile on networking nature, Alistair Parvin & Inderpaul Johar of 00:/Architects on disruptive and democratic architecture, Jack Schulze of BERG on products media and immaterials, and so on.

Watch a teaser below —


While this recent selection of guest lecturers have been largely focused on interaction design, technology, and urbanism – the second half of the year promises to offer an even more broad spectrum of subjects. Fabrica lectures operate on a democratic curatorial policy, so anyone at the campus can make a suggestion and the options are discussed collectively.

In addition to these new, specially edited videos, some older presentations have also been made available (with varying degrees of video quality) and they feature the likes of Bruce Sterling, Steve Heller and Troika, among others.

Dan Hill has provided more information about the lectures on his blog, and you can watch all the videos here.

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