Facebook and Amazon pair up for social shopping

Published:  August 2, 2010
Facebook and Amazon pair up for social shopping

While Facebook continues to influence millions of relationships worldwide, it has also turned its hand to the retail sector. Amazon.com is the latest website to take advantage of the social networking site’s profile to make the online shopping experience more social.

Recent months have seen an increase in websites offering options to ‘Like’ the content using your Facebook login, ‘Retweet’ using your Twitter account or use your Facebook details to provide a review of a product or service for comparison.

Amazon is the latest to jump on the bandwagon, allowing their customers to link their Amazon account to their Facebook profile. This move is an extension of their pre-existing recommendations and customer reviews sections, which alert customers to other products that shoppers have bought when purchasing the same item. The company’s new partnership with Facebook now allows shoppers to gain advice on their choices from friends, rather than from strangers. The service is based on Facebook ‘Like’s and will also provide gift suggestions for friends’ birthdays based on what they have liked on Facebook.

But for those of you who are worried about your 400 closest friends finding out about your taste in books, don’t fret. What you buy on Amazon stays on Amazon.

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  1. jessA

    as much as it’s scary that these 2 big corps are joining forces, and now they are going to know even MORE about us, it kind of sounds like a good idea..

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