Facebook look for Iconic Game

Published:  March 11, 2010
Facebook look for Iconic Game

Just incase Farmville and Mafia Wars weren’t enough for you, Facebook have announced at this week’s Game Developers Conference that they are searching for an ‘iconic game’ that will define the social network’s platform, their ‘Facebook Mario’, if you will.

“When we look at every major game platform, we see that there is an iconic defining game on that platform whether it’s Sonic or Mario or Halo,” says Facebook’s Gareth Davis. “And while there are some great games on Facebook today, no one has yet produced the iconic game for it.”

While this challenge has many developers super excited and up for the challenge, others are arguing that the process of finding an iconic game should be a more organic process and that one already exists, and yup, its name is Farmville. For those of you who don’t know it (where have you been?!), Farmville is a virtual farming game, which took five weeks to develop and attracts over 80m users per month.

Online social games, where users play with friends and family is a relatively new genre and has grown from nothing to a US$1bn industry in almost three years

2 Responses

  1. Charlee Wilson

    Farmville is amazing – well amazgingly average but super addictive. I think it’s definitely ‘the’ facebook iconic game, and they should not go hunting for another one.

  2. DW

    The best online game is Chatroulette – sorry facebook.

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