Facebook wants to trademark the word ‘face’

Published:  November 29, 2010
Facebook wants to trademark the word ‘face’

In what could be the beginning of some bizarre Facebook requests – pun intended – the notorious social network is possibly three months away from trademarking the word “Face” when used in context of online chat rooms or bulletin boards. At this stage, we don’t know if they’ll want to take Apple on with the gadget maker’s Facetime chat application for iPhone, but the request is startling nonetheless.

You’re probably wondering if Facebook can actually trademark the word. As explored by Michael Jones on Tech Blorge, yes indeed they can. In fact the company made the request in December of 2005 and have now been granted permission to prove that it is actively using the mark to provide goods or services before getting the approval of an attorney.

It is yet to be seen what kind of issues this could cause, but if Cadbury trademarking the colour purple caused quite the legal battle only a few years ago we can only imagine the backlash the already beseiged Mark Zuckerberg will stir. Not that the company would be running away from such controversy, given it’s more than happy to pursue such trials for the second half of it’s name.

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  1. Benjamin

    Oh Facebook, why won’t you just go the way of the dinosaurs.

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