Feed your mind with these Vivid Ideas podcasts

Published:  June 20, 2013
Feed your mind with these Vivid Ideas podcasts

Did you miss out on the Vivid Ideas program this year? Not to worry, 2ser and Vivid have combined forces to bring you a series of podcasts from key events, so know you can catch up or relive the experience – getting all that great knowledge and inspiration beamed straight into your studio speakers, or headphones on your commute.

There’s a compelling and diverse range of podcasts available, and we’ve selected a few highlights below —

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Ten Commandments: Prioritise Creativity
We’re at an unprecedented moment for the arts in Australia: moments away from having three arts and cultural policies implemented, at federal, state and city levels of government. In this unique session, representatives from each level of government explain how these policies work together and answer questions on how their policy directions will affect artists and organisations in practice.

Ten Commandments: Keep It Real
We are more than the data trails we leave behind. We are more than the impulse to gain followers, friends or likes. If we want to picture what the future looks like, it will take more than debates about processor or download speeds: it will take an understanding of the desires and dreams that motivate us to create, share, consume and collaborate. In short, it will take an understanding of anthropology, not just technology.

Back To The Future
An anthropologist and a futurist walk into a bar… gaze back in time, and paint a picture of tomorrow. Can we make meaningful predictions about technology and consumer behaviour tomorrow, considering today’s accelerating pace of change? Is the future, to play with Douglas Coupland’s phrase, already here, “just not evenly distributed” across our planet? Who has access to the tools and skills to shape the next generation of products, services and content? Who are tomorrow’s markets and audiences for new thinking?

The Making Of Transformative Theatre
“It’s harder to hurt someone if you know their story”. For 21 years Big hART have experimented with making art for social change in communities across Australia. Big hART are one of Australia’s most prolific and successful arts and social change companies. In 2013 Big hART celebrates 21 years of practice. This session showcases the unique Big hART model, philosophy and body of work through film, music and storytelling.

Ten Commandments: Demand More From Design
Designers aren’t just decorating the world these days: they’re re-imagining and re-structuring systems from the ground-up. How can design thinking and design-led innovation transform your business, expose opportunities for efficiencies, and suggest new opportunities for expansion? How could it change our relationships with our city streets and schools, re-write how and when we use public infrastructure, and deliver healthcare plans that take in all aspects of our lives?

Ten Commandments: Embrace Mutations
The real influencers are not early adopters: they’re the multiple adapters. What looks like play today – the obsessions and experimentations of hobbyists, tinkerers and fanboys – is prototyping for the business world of tomorrow. That kid playing with a home electronics kit? Late night gamers adding to new levels to a MMORPG? The drone fans modding plans on Instructables to make their own flying machines? All the most interesting evolutions in creative industries emerge at the fringe: at the intersections of disciplines, finding new uses for hacked or re-purposed technology. Today, discoveries are accelerated; thanks to an open-source instinct to share and collaborate, and thanks to the merging of the digital worlds of bits and the physical world of atoms.

Who You Know: Building Networks In The Arts
Moderated by arts interview Director Eliza Muldoon, a panel of curators, mentors, gallerists and artists will advise on how to build strong relationships across the broad spectrum of the visual arts sector, networks that are vital for a successful career as an artist. arts interview will bring together a cross section of arts administrators and artists to explore strategies for building strong relationships between those who create art and those who promote, curate and write about it. A panel made up of prominent curators, mentors, gallerists and artists will discuss how to foster healthy relationships between these different roles and why this is vital in the career trajectory of the artist. The discussion will consider the wide variety of interchangeable skills and networks that can be shared and encourage diverse relationships in the sector.

Does Making Quality Content Pay?
As traditional media models are torn apart, how will original, quality content be funded on TV, radio, online and in print? Producers, journalists and creative business minds explore models for supporting the development of new work, developing audiences and experimenting with new, cross-platform content ideas.

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