Fighting cancer with ‘Buy Fonts, Save Lives’

Published:  March 18, 2014

Paul Harpin, creative director of the global media company Haymarket, decided to launch Buy Fonts Save Lives after the death of his 26-year-old niece, Laura, to cancer. The initiative has 3 fonts for sale through through which proceeds are donated to cancer research charities.

So far, the small number available includes Heseltine, created by Paul Hickson (and commissioned by Haymarket for its founder, Lord Heseltine), Mfred by Matt Willey and Harpin’s own dedication to his niece which he spent 14 months creating, the Laura type family.

“My niece would have laughed, if she realised that her name has the most difficult kerning problem: an L followed by an A,” Harpin explained.

Type designers are encouraged to donate fonts to be sold for the project. All the money raised will go to the Cancer Research UK and the Macmillan Cancer Support fund.

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  1. Thanks for supporting this campaign guys. Another type pack containing 4 cuts of Nick Cooke’s Organon (Sans & Serif) has been added to the list:

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